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Under the terms of the sale, Haier has the right to use the GE brand name until A "mammoth" fire occurred on the morning of April 3, at the Appliance Park. More than firefighters from 18 local agencies were involved in fighting the eight-alarm fire, [14] which led to a production halt and evacuation of the other buildings in the complex.

Because of the huge volume of smoke, gases and runoff from burning plastics and other materials the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection and USEPA were called in to monitor emissions from the fire and found they were not toxic. However, area residents reported leaf-size pieces of ash and burned insulation materials in their yards.

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The fire was contained, but not extinguished, by the early afternoon of April 3. A statement issued by GE later that day indicated that production at the complex would remain halted over the weekend and at least through the end of the following week as the company conducted "a thorough evaluation of all other buildings" and replenished inventories of parts destroyed by the fire.

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