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Mar 8, Messages: Dec 11, 4. There are a ton more men on online dating so women have a better selection.

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Keep in mind though, it's going to suck at times. You will send a ton of well constructed messages and not get any responses. It may kill your self-esteem at times. Just keep into it and I've had a decent date or two. Unfortunately, they just never work out. I'm thinking about stopping though because I'm moving soon.

The tangled web of online dating | Sonia Sodha | Opinion | The Guardian

Dec 11, 5. Dec 12, Messages: Dec 12, 6. Had some crazies, guys just looking to get their dick wet, and I made a few good friends. I had a male friend who met his fiance through it. I think it can work depending on you and the people you choose to meet. Be safe as possible there are definitely some wackos out there.

Aeroangel , Dec 12, Hal-sephira and Hydrolynx like this. Dec 13, 7. Dec 13, 8. I've never used a dating site, but I did meet my ex on here. We were together for a little over two years and we're still friends to this day. DarkBlood , Dec 13, Dec 14, 9. Dec 14, Most of my past ones were net through online. It's a love or hate thing. Some can be contradicting or putting up a smoke screen. One said she loves meeting new people and friends, when I sent a friendly intro and it was read, but never replied.

And no one likes long messages. It's difficult for humor sometimes because there's no voice tone, facial expression or body language. And no one wants to meet right away. How patient are you? Daytonaowner , Dec 14, Nov 10, Messages: Last edited by notprogress , Dec 14, Dec 6, Messages: Dec 15, TheBananaKiller , Dec 15, I am on adultfriendfinder, had a couple successful dates. And a few hideously bad ones as well.

Once you sort out the whores and attention seeking false profiles, the real fun begins. Chicks with no pics are a tricky thing indeed. It's nice to date a girl who really knows what she is up to.

The tangled web of online dating

Frannyman , Dec 15, Dec 17, Last edited by that1guy64 , Dec 18, Hal-sephira , SideShowMel and Hydrolynx like this. I live in New York and date females.

They are all crazy. It's just the level of craziness! I've had some successful dates, some that didn't go off so well. Its no big deal though, I always went into them thinking it was a good opportunity for some fun, no matter what happened. I'm actually back on the dating site circuit recently.

Online dating - Public opinions

I have odd hours and work with few ladies. On my days off I have random encounters with girls that make me realize I don't get enough of that at my current job. So unless I always want to pick up a chick at a bar, I pretty much have to look for other ways. And I'm involved in sports leagues and activities that are supposed to get me out there to meet people. Anyway, the way I see it is that you should be using every option available if you're looking to date someone.

Yes, I do support individuals to pursue on line dating

You don't have to pull the trigger in any venue but if you have options, you're off to a good start. Trickyvinny , Dec 17, Dec 16, Messages: Dec 21, Mandalorian , Dec 21, Dec 22, Sent out a bunch of messages. Closed account, never to return. SideShowMel , Dec 22, Dec 23, Solar7 , Dec 23, I guess if can message hundreds of girls and are desperate enough they'll find one that will put out. I would just feel so sad, pathetic and desperate doing that. I usually open up with something interesting or nice I saw in their profile, then try to make some sort of joke not too lame and just make sure I put some thought into the message.

Even then I rarely get responses, but I don't take it seriously anyway.

Online dating is a good way to meet people and know how they think.

One girl I've casually been talking to I saw she put that she likes Futurama a lot in her profile. My funny line was a line from Zap Brannagan in one episode where Kiff takes his black book and says, "I find the most attractive part of a woman to be the boobies". She responded and said that's the first time someone has ever made her literally laugh out loud at a message.

Her response was, "By the way, not sure if you've heard, but have a very sexy disease Trickyvinny , Dec 23, Dec 25, Seems to work for some people. One of my close friends is been with his girl for a bit over a year now, and they look so happy together. XPrayerX , Dec 25, ManInGame , Dec 25, Dec 26, Met my girl online. We've been together for 3 years and live with each other. In a book called Date-onomics , author Jon Birger cheerfully proclaims: He points to the fact that women are going to university in greater numbers than men and argues a relative undersupply of university-educated men fundamentally changes their attitudes towards dating and sex, encouraging promiscuity.

It leads him to some pretty weird conclusions, such as holding up Silicon Valley, with its notoriously high male: I think it would be naive to dismiss the idea that technology might be changing the way we form relationships, amplifying the differences in the way men and women engage with dating.

I see little evidence of technology fundamentally changing human nature, turning virginal millennials into an army of sex-obsessed zombies. But social media can and does nurture some very human but not always appealing tendencies. Twitter indulges our weakness for an angry rant. If someone tends towards the commitment-phobic, technology can nurture and coddle that phobia. But just because the resulting shifts in behaviour may be more subtle it does not necessarily make the effects any less profound for the way we live our lives.

Ultimately, this is just speculation.