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Not something that most girls like in a man. And I am an American born, fully Americanized Chinese who grew up in the streets of Brooklyn where greasers, guidos and wiseguys hang out and a street-savvy brat like myself is usually cultured in the arts of the fists, baseball bat and switchblade. Most likely all that rubbed off on me and has become a permanent stain on my character. But I have met a majority of newly transplanted Asians, most of them restaurant owners or freight brokers, who are just as explosively tempered, obnoxious in speech and mannerisms, and prone to extremely ugly behaviors and vices like drinking and degenerate gambling as locally raised greasers like me.

Just the other day I was driving a carting truck that picked up recyclable industrial scrap from local businesses to haul to a processing yard when I stopped at a Chinese restaurant because my boss wanted to exchange 4 brand new propane bulk tanks with pounds of HVAC tubing with the owner of the eatery. My supervisor later found out what happened, thanks to two full versions of the account from both me and the boss of that eatery and said I should have taken it more easy with him.

No wonder a lot of us here in Brooklyn become gamblers and alcoholics. From time to time I encounter amwf couples here and I often am told by women that they consider my Mongolian husband as extremely attractive as I do, too ;. Yet I remember a certain type of Chinese students at university who seemed to never spend a single thought on the opposite sex. There is not a feasible way to measure or test if the bias is real in North America. And here I am talking about just matching, for people to start a conversation to get to know each other.

I wish I could live in Europe for a while so I could understand the culture there, and experience if the situation would be different. I certainly can confirm that when I was in college the opposite sex was the last thing on my mind, purely because of financial and time economics.

What Chinese Men Really Think of Western Women

With a very limited budget and relying on scholarship and part time jobs to squeak by there was just no money left over for the luxury of socialization. Secondarily, with a full load of engineering curriculum there absolutely was no time left to entertain any relationship. Luckily, after graduation, with a decently paid and socially acceptable profession there was plenty of time and financial resources to make up for lost time. In fact I personally found western Canadian females to be much more friendly to me, an Asian male.

I even wound up marrying one of them.

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What is all the fuss about Chinese men perceived as the least desirable dating partner. We Chinese men are happy and confident with and about ourselves.

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Economically, the Chinese are doing very well. The overseas Chinese or diaspora are doing very well. In the economic front, we are the top echelon. Here in Malaysia, as well in Indonesia and even in the west. We love our Chinese women and have no desire to pair with white women. What is it about muscles and a macho image? These are fleeting things. Once you are married and middle-aged, you become flabby with mammaries and 8 months pregnant bellies hahaha…We Chinese men generally stay slim throughout our lives and we age well.

The west can portray Chinese men as nerdy and undesirable all they want. We are not bothered. We have the last laugh hahaha….

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I get your point about not caring about what other people think. The, problem, though, is that the emasculating stereotypes have serious and negative practical consequences for the lives of Asian men. Would that then bother you, because many Chinese and other Asian women in the West do in fact buy into the stereotypes and reject their own men. Why should Asian men tolerate such a humiliating treatment?

Hahaha Chinese women reject Chinese men? You westerners think too highly of yourselves. And if truly Chinese women are all mad about the angmoh as partners, they are welcome to their choice. We have other ethnic women too to choose as partners. Jesterleigh, any why should we bother?

Why should Asian men tolerate? The western media et al can continue their game. We know who we are. You are as weak as you want to. And as strong as you want to. I hear ya, Om Ni.

I never expected to marry a Chinese man

You are absolutely right! We are judged as to our individual merit, not as part of some weird ideological assumption….

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However, that does not mean I would go out of my way to avoid that type of interracial relationship. In my case, and I have written about this before, I kind of got pulled into it because the woman in question was already a close friend, and we had known each other for several years before we decided to take our relationship up a notch. What are you talking about? Incidentally, prior to visiting this blog last year, I had no idea, whatsoever, that this type of thinking even existed about Asian males. Seriously, how is it that after decades of living in the United States, I only hear about it for the first time in ?

AMWF relationships—especially statistical trends, have to be analyzed and interpreted in ideological terms and those who foster these beliefs seem to always be seeking validation from a secular society. They obsess over so-called negative public perceptions about Asian males, much more so than we guys do because we are either oblivious or completely indifferent to them. They bring up concerns that are barely acknowledged by Asian males like myself because these are completely irrelevant in our daily lives.

My friend saw an white man and Chinese woman He told me He wanted to beat up the white man. I report this kind of hatred comment. The Chinese girl wants to have a Caucasian boyfriend. I was with Chinese girls while living in China. But now I am in the US the situation is different. Indeed, you are completely correct!

Nope, not in the least, and if some idiot like them wants to go up to a random white man and beat up him merely because the other fellow is with a Chinese woman, perhaps the would-be attacker deserves a bullet between his eyes. Why do so few Chinese men end up with White women? I could ask the same question about Philippine guys, like myself.

Why Expat Women Don't Date Chinese Men | Expat Essentials

Who do so few of us end up with White women? That just happens to be one of the least-favorite topics of discussion among those I know. There is nothing to do with Caucasian men, fat, fit, or skinny. If your point is to tell people that you are good at finding what you like, I admire you. Well, the appearance does play a roll. But there are thing other than those. Complaining about race discrimination while singling out just one race of women.

Maybe, just as asian men writing this article idolize white women specifically for no other reason but because they are white, white women who reject asian men simply dont find them attractive for no other reason than that they are asian. I also remember this one fellow, also of Japanese-descent, who I used to train with in another dojo, many years ago, when he was still a child, and recently seeing pictures of him, all grown up and having achieved success as a professional judo competitor.