My ex dating my cousin

I'm dating my ex's brother, and I'm terrified I'll accidentally call him his brothers name.

My Younger Cousin Is Dating My Ex-girlfriend - Romance - Nigeria

I dated my ex's cousin. I didn't know they were cousins. I recently broke up with the cousin and now my ex wants me back. What should i do.


I once dated my ex's brother. I didn't know they were related, my ex never spoke of him because they had family issues due to their parents' divorce.

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I'm dating my ex's brother and the worst part is that we all live in the same house. I dated my ex's cousin after he had accused me of cheating on him with his cousin.

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I dated my ex's brother just to piss him off. I dated my ex-girlfriend's sister for about a month. I liked the relationship with the sister more than with the original girl. I'm secretly dating my ex's brother.

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I seriously wish I'd met him first. I dated my ex's brother for a year then found out my ex told his brother to cheat on me Started dating my ex's sister after she left me at homecoming in 9th grade.

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  • My Younger Cousin Is Dating My Ex-girlfriend - Romance - Nairaland.

We fell in love, my ex says we should be ashamed of ourselves but she left me, her sister was there and it turned into this. I'm dating my ex's father but he doesn't know about it. It's hard to sneak around with his dad. Dating my ex's brother. And I just brought in this my dear cousin to my newly rented apartment to stay with me.

She really felt bad from her expressions in the chat.

What to do? My ex and my cousin are together..

Till now, I have not confronted my cousin on this matter but he knows I know about it. Was I wrong to confront her? Is my cousin right? Can I still trust my cousin with my girlfriend? That girl is ur family's "friend-of-destiny"!

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Wetin u nor gree collect na hin she dey give ur cousin wey dey sweet am so! And she's a good manager of resources. See as she is striving to keep all her love within ur family alone? She's deserves a medal, give her one when next you see her! Talk to ur cousin If he no gree Pass the beech around.