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I'm speaking from first hand experience. Back in the s, strip clubs were pulling all sorts of over charge and fake charge scams and forcing people tp pay. Unfortunately there is NO enforcement of these laws at this time. Your best option is to dispute the entire charge with your credit card.

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They may not want to do this because they are seeing so much of it. Also be sure to indicate that you are filling a consumer notice with the Federal Trade Commision they have online forms for this to keep a numbers count on how many people are affected by these sorts of things. If you have been a good card holder, you shouldnt have any issues except for 1: You will have a hard time getting your money back Terri.

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The first time I was with them years ago, I forgot the auto renewal and tried to get my money back and they fought me tooth and nail. This time I tried both Ourtime and Match and both experiences were not good though Ourtime was a bit better. I agree with some of the answers here that Match baits you toward the end of your subscription with possible contacts, but since I cannot proof that I have to add that disclaimer. Everything you have run into with your experience I have had with mine. If you were charged in one lump sum, you can't.

If they are auto billing you every month, shut it off. If they took one lump sum, the best you can do is file a formal complaint with the BBB and any federal fraud protection agency you can dig up. Why would they refund you?

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To even get a response, you will have to have a local attorney draft a letter threatening to bring civil action that will cost more than the year they billed you for. If you wanted to make a point, hire the attorney to file the civil suit. The suit would have to be for considerably more than they extorted. To win that is next to impossible because the court will require you justify the additional damages for which you are suing, They will, by law, have to respond.

At which point they will issue a refund a couple hundred dollars , the court will consider it satisfied, and the attorney will bill you a couple of grand for their effort. Point is, you're screwed! These internet companies know that the expense you would incur trying to fight them especially across state lines far, far exceeds what they ripped from you.

It's essentially legal theft. Sorry about your luck I've been there in other areas myself. Hi Stephen, First of all, I am really sorry you are still dealing with Match. I am still receiving emails for Match too, even though I have canceled my account many months ago.

I scam every email they send me, but they send new emails form alternate email addresses. Perhaps you will have better luck then me, if call them. I am seriously thinking of contacting Better Business Bureau to see if that helps. I know that it looks bad for a business to have complaints on them on BBB, so if you mentioned that to Match when you call them that is if you get to reach them , they might stop pestering you. So the only advice I can think of is, contact BBB, and state your concern and complaint to them.

The first thing you need to understand if you haven't already discovered it on match is that none of your letters will be read unless the recipient is a FULLY PAID member. Even though you have paid to be a member you are still not able to contact the other person. There is a option available to you but it's pretty much extortion on the part of Match.

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You can pay an additional monthly fee where all of your mail is delivered and they can read and reply back to you. Apart from that I can't really give you any other answers other than don't renew with this site. It is because there are not any real people on match. Most of the profiles are fakes, or they are people who may have once been on the site and now their profiles are used as bait to get you to sign up and pay, thinking there are actual matches that could be made.

Also a lot of the profiles are people who have not actually signed up and paid so they could not even get back to you if they wanted unless they too pay for the privilege of sending an email reply. Do not sign up! This is an unethical site that does a bait and switch to get money out of you and others and does not delivery on any promises. Most of the profiles are cons trying to get something from you. This site should be shut down! I feel the same way Teresa, i have been on the site for 1 year now and cancelled my subscription, but was told it won't officially cancel until May because i waited to late after my initial sign up day, so i got stuck with another year.

I am a handsome guy with a lot to offer, but for some reason never really got emails as i expected, i started to think the people profiles were fake or the women i was interested in didn't know a good man if his profiled slapped them in the face, just sayN.

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Write a Review Ask a Question Share. Box Dallas , TX Tel: Helpful answer 6 Votes Thanks for voting! I was paying monthly then received my current credit card bill. When I called to ask why, they said my contract included an automatic renewal of the upcoming year's full amount all at one time. No advance warning they were going to do this.

I repeated asked that they cancel my account and refund my money, as it was for the upcoming year, not the past one. She just kept telling me the money is non-refundable. This is a terrible way to do business and treat your customers. Has anyone who has had this experience been able to recover their money?

See all answers Helpful answer 3 Votes Thanks for voting! Is this a trustworthy site? Helpful answer 4 Votes Thanks for voting! How to I get them to refund me, when they said i was getting a month free. Of course they have no records of this. Helpful answer 2 Votes Thanks for voting! I am very disappointed with having joined a week ago. The matches are not in line with what I have requested on my profile.

I have received very little responses from what appears as active prospects. I would like to cancel my membership. I was a member back in and found it very successful and nothing to compare with my experience this time.

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I would like my questions answered… Thank you for your time. I thought I was signing on for one month.. I have previously ask this question and did not receive a response.. See all answers 9. I recently got kicked off this site!

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But still getting emails from match affinity which i joined at the same time. Have tried to log in again with correct password to take my photos off but cant get in! How can you make sure that there is no automatic renewal of subscription? Cancel the card you used when you joined. See all answers 7. Helpful answer 1 Vote Thanks for voting! I keep sending messages and no response from anyone and someone told me that my email did not deliver to the recipient.

I guess what they do is just put another false identity up so be aware!!!!! Don't bother using this site. Members seem to be all scamming for money and other things. Joined this terrible site tge only email i received were from men pretending to live in NZ and immediately wanting my email address and phone number. They would not answer direct questions. I was lured into one of these at the beginning but with done research found that everything was a liar, they eventually asked for money because of a large contract he had won, and his money was caught up in a bank transfer.

But i must have had 15 men contact that were fake profiles. Not one contact was true. These online dating sites are all a con ladies. This site will edit the text in your profile without explanation or any opportunity to discuss and then post it for the world to see.