Belgium dating culture

Hi Jaimee, I so love what I am reading on your blog. It really helped me a lot in deciding to finally meet my Belgian guy I was dating online for 2 years now. Your blog gives me the confident that the guy I was chatting to is really a nice guy well i hoped I can be as lucky as you.

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He will be coming here in the Philippines for me and I am so excited about it. I hope things will work out for the both of us. I would love to read a lot more about belgian guys. When I was reading your blog all i could think of is him and those 5 reasons really fit to him. Congrats on taking the big step to meet your man. The first time I met my Belgian in person was so scary!

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This is despite the fact that nearby Antwerp is considered the diamond capital of the world. Curious to know why? It has a long history of export and import of diamonds, and the Diamond Office checking the quality of diamonds before shipping them further. You can read more about the diamond history of Antwerp here. It was a mixture of surprise and disgust. And I learned quickly that the only right place to get bread is from the local bakery. And koffie koekjes and croissants are a must for a lazy weekend brunch.

Which is something you can easily get used to …. But dating a Belgian guy is not all hard work and no play.

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Besides sweet brunches that they spoil us with, they have other redeeming qualities too: While the average Belgian men we are dating might not be Matthias or Jean Claude, they do tend to be tall, sporty, fair and easy on the eye. Not only do they look good, they are also nice and smart too!

Dating a Belgian Man

They are very social and can small talk anyone under the table, because they are always up to date with current affairs, culture, religion, history etc. They are also curious about the world, and their fluency in many languages makes it easy for them to travel and you to travel with them if languages are not your thing. Do you have more experiences about dating a Belgian? Hi Jenny, Thanks for this. I am going to meet my Belgian guy this December and really, I am looking for something that would make me familiar with Belgians, Right now, I am so nervous and excited.

While reading the text, i was laughing because most of them are true based from the chats we had. Belgium has three deciding authorities: Each region and community has its own government and responsibilities.

The truth about Belgium

The constant fight between Flanders and Wallonia or between the Flemish and French Communities are at the base of the current country political problems. In short, each one wants more decision-making power and because of their deep history in fighting, they've never found any compromise. Belgian gastronomy Belgians are fond of mussels, beer, french fries and chocolate and eat them at every meal. Belgians have been brewing beer since the Middle Ages, so they've had plenty of time to perfect this craft.

Dating a Belgian man

And nothing matches the beer better than delicious Belgian fries - served in a paper cone with mayonnaise, of course. Chocolate, mussels and waffles are also part of the Belgian cuisine and have gained worldwide fame. These are not eaten at every meal, but are just really appreciated like tortillas in Spain or pastas in Italy. In the mind of foreigners, the typical Belgian is as follows: We already showed that Belgian people love fries so this one is closed - but let's admit that anyone who's ever tried Belgian fries loves them too.

But when it comes to Belgian people, the Dutch and the French have a lot to say with regards to language.

This results in jokes and mockeries from the Dutch and the French towards the Belgians. However, if a Belgian person is talking to a Swiss, for example, there will be less differences in the French, resulting in a more peaceful co-existence.

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  4. And while Belgian people are surely not stupid, they have a great, self-deprecating sense of humor. Let's face it, what's not to laugh about? Belgium is a small country with two different communities that can't get along, in a political crisis for more than a year and a lot of people make fun of them; so why not have fun with the situation? With this humorous attitude, Belgian people are now also famous for their great, self-deprecating sense of humor, making movies and writing books that help exaggerate any preconceived ideas people have about Belgium.

    Another well-known and possibly exaggerated fact about Belgium is the rivalry between its French and Flemish communities.