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The time is over where it was impossible for a single scuba diver to travel and dive on their own. No need to look for solo diving certification: They are plenty of really cool scuba diving centres all around the world where you can find cool diving buddies travelling on their own as well. And if not, the divemasters are always happy to have me as a buddy.

The passion for scuba diving usually creates a strong link between people so it is so easy to speak to anyone. What a perfect way of starting the conversation! Finally, it is also an opportunity to meet local scuba divers and to learn from their best tips and secrets. It is hard to believe you still find these on some travel agent websites today. By always waiting for someone else to join, you will either put off your adventure or even worse, travel through the most expensive period.

If you can, arrange to visit a place off-season, as it is the best way to enjoy it with fewer people for less. I first visited Bali in January. It is supposed to be the worst monsoon period. In reality, it was predominantly raining at night and maybe for an hour during the day!

Many times I had the opportunity to share rides with other travellers and by staying with locals I rarely got ripped off. My main tip is: There are a lot of possibilities to get much cheaper fares and extra discounts. In Indonesia, I made simple calculations that I stayed there for a month while travelling around with my rental jeep, scuba diving when I wanted to, for the cost of my rent and food in Paris! It was the same cost than a day liveaboard or dive safari booked online.

By getting time with myself I had time to think about my life and what should be my next steps. By meeting different people and going out of my comfort zone, I learnt so much about different lifestyles, cultures and languages. In a month in Mexico, I went from basic conversational Spanish to being almost bilingual. Total immersion puts you in survival mode. If you need to communicate with people around you, you learn faster.

Most of what I know about history and culture of the countries I visited, the food I learnt to prepare and the languages I learnt to master derive from all my solo trips. Travelling is the school of life and I got so much more from it than in my 6 years of university. Freedom is a romantic concept.

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Yet to truly experience it, it comes with responsibilities. Hopefully, these responsibilities are absolutely empowering. Every day you need to decide for yourself what you will do and how to do it. The freedom you enjoy during these moments actually builds your strength and confidence for anything else in your life. From my first solo trip in Thailand which led me to pass my open water and my advanced open water scuba diving levels, it changed my way of handling things forever: Once you know you are able to do it, nothing is impossible to you anymore.

I have travelled solo a few times in South-East Asia for short diving trips and I never had any problems — I always found some people to have dinner with or hang out after diving, and dive shop staff were always super helpful to me. Thanks Emily for sharing your story, South East Asia is great for that! It is so nice to share delicious local food together while sharing tips about where to go diving next! Thanks for this post!

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I think and feel the same. I prefer solo travels. I once travelled with non-diving friends on my dive trip to a resort. And their conversation was how hot it was that day to lay on beach all day long. Every solo trip I had, I always became good friends with locals and keep in touch with them. Wow thank you so much for sharing your story! I totally understand how you feel about going on holiday with your non-diving friends. But I sometimes go on some small trips with non-diving friends, still we organise everything by ourselves.

As they are quite active as well, we make sure they will find an interesting activity for them, rock climbing or bike tour for example. If you are interested, I post, on the Facebook page, some events where world adventure divers can meet! This summer I have 3 events listed in Scotland. That is an awesome fact about scuba diving travels. Whenever I will make any plan about the tours I will definitely keep this in my mind.

Thanks for giving us such helpful information about scuba diving travels. This gave more confident to go on a solo trip. I am planning for next year as my birthday adventure. I will explore a place locally as a start. All of these articles sincerely reflect a love and positive attitude with solo traveling. Nice to read so many people on the same plane. I have found, in general, locals are pleased to assist when approached with a smile and in an open environment. Thank you Lin for your kind feed back!

I agree, when you make the efforts people are willing to help! I almost always travel solo, and I love it.

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