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Maybe try making friends first. Friends tend to have friends and roommates and coworkers and friends of roommates and roommates of coworkers and so on. There is no shortage of people from all over the world coming to Malta by themselves and building their social circles up all again in a place where they do not know anyone. In other words, chill out and get on with the Mediterranean lifestyle.

In my experience, very few women tend to stay in and sulk when they could be out with friends. Let me give you some advice. I don't know whether you're an expat or not, you didn't mention that. But I'm going to assume that you are since you made a post about meeting women.

Meeting people in Malta : malta

Not trying to discourage you or anything, but it's not worth it. You are in a country which is still suffering from the after-effects of heavy religious oppression. Most people are just starting to open their minds. Most people don't even let their kids bring people of the opposite sex home, and if they do, enforce some kind of rules. Condom wrappings being found next to parked cars is no coincidence. You are right, they are a sausage fest.


And most of the local women in these clubs will behave like a '10 who knows it' in front of strangers even if they are a '5'. Another thing to be careful of is approaching women who are already taken and their guy is not exactly in plain sight. You won't know it until they tell you, of course.

But there is a slight chance the dude will be a 'throw fists, ask questions later' kind of dude, especially if he's immature and a 'hamallu' chav in English. Most alcohol is cheap here, so Paceville might sound like a nice area to enjoy yourself.

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But keep in mind that it is also among the lowest of the low club scenes in the world. I will go as far as to say that most men hate the game here because of this shit, and that is why getting married early is a common thing here. So what to do? My tip is to stay away from the clubs and hang out in the bars in St Julians and Sliema, but don't restrict yourself to just those areas either. Expand your network of foreigners including foreign women because there is a higher chance that they are on the same wavelength as you are.

You told me the don't do's which are common sense to me I understand why you'd want to tell that to a foreigner, so thanks for caring , but you didn't mention any do's in which I'm absolutely ignorant in, I have no idea how to meet women in Malta. Any time I go on holiday abroad I find it shockingly easy to meet, talk and even arrange dates with women, in Malta women just shut me out pretty much instantly.

Yet people do meet people and dates do happen, so I must be doing something wrong or more likely, I'm missing from doing something right, something that ain't necessary elsewhere but is vital in Malta, what is this thing? What am I missing on? It depends on what you want.

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If you want to date local women, unfortunately you need to expand your local network, which might not be that easy. If you have the blessing that some have of "knowing lots of people", it's easy. If you want to date foreign women, which to me, sounds better suited to you because as I previously mentioned, they are more receptive: The size of the country affects you as well.

There are 3 billion women in the world. Now how many of those k are your age? And how many of them will you be attracted to?


I will end this with some personal advice from man to man. I may get hate comments for it but it needs to be said. And life is short. You don't have to waste any energy looking for love here.

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The world is rich and diverse and some countries have alot more to offer than others. If you are ugly and chase after the hot women then you can forget about it. I also struggle to meet maltese women and I'm maltese myself. I had more luck with foreign women though. I'm afraid you're swimming against the current here, as the modern dance just hasn't really caught on, but you might have more luck with foreigners that are used to it. I know it might not be what you want to hear, but I'd really recommend giving adapting to that a go.

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