Matchmaking placement

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[TF2] b4nny's MM Placement Adventure

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Matchmaking ticket stuck on Placing, placement times out but fleet is active - Game Dev Forum

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Matchmaking ain't going to give a crap about your level.

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All it cares about it the ELO. After they get a rank everything goes back to normal. OB67 is a good patch.

What are skill ratings?

I played enough other games to say that this should not be the case. Level requirement is there for a reason, so people have to play enough casual matches for the game to have some assessment of their skill. Judging someone's level from 15 placement games is the worst idea they could come up with.

The fact that matchmaking immediately goes almost to normal after you finish your 15th game proves that they just mess with players for no reason, even though they already know where they should be placed. The game already knows they're on completely different skill levels, there's no need to put them in the same match just to confirm it. Last edited by Rivx; at Originally Posted by Rivx. Imo that is just to be expected for the placement matches as people have yet no rating.

Matchmaking ticket stuck on Placing, placement times out but fleet is active

I mean, you have a hyper carry elo which is ELO if I'm guessing right The only difference I can see is that the other team looks like a solid 5 team comp. Deadlyshot View Profile View Posts.

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I won a very hard match versus high elo stacked team. I was dominating them on lvl 2 strix , i think at some point maybe they just threw the game?

Placement game matchmaking is a joke

My team did actually win, also i'm acctually the low elo player on my team. It worked though because I got support which i can actually play well would be bad if I got flank and it was nice having a team that protected me when needed. It's no fun playing support when no helps you and just rushes the point spamming vhs.