Most accurate time for ultrasound dating

Just bigger or smaller babies.. Early ultrasounds are the most accurate. Dates that differ from LMP dates are very common. There are so many variables after you period.

Did you ovulate at the average date or did you ovulate earlier or later? Did you have sex right after you ovulated? Eggs have a window as big as 12 days to be fertilized. Baby doesn't grow till fertilization But we have a hard time knowing the actual fertilization date. So we count forward from our LMP to get our best guess.

That is why we add those two weeks at the beginning where we are not really pregnant yet. Baby is so tiny, and the day to day differences are so tiny, it's easy to be slightly off.

how accurate is a dating scan? - Pregnancy: Tips, Questions and Information - Essential Baby

If the difference is near to a week off, the due date is most likely adjusted. Here it's more likely your LMP is not more accurate due to the factors I mentioned above. My doc is going with my LMP because even though baby measured a wee but behind daddy doesn't live in the same zip code as me. So I know the exact weekend of conception being I only saw him one weekend in the month of December!!!

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If not that's when they use measurements alone. It is hard not to, but seriously just give yourself a time period you want to be ready and know that date they give is not likely anyway.

  1. Whats more accurate due date by date or ultrasound? Thanks!!.
  2. Predicting delivery date by ultrasound and last menstrual period in early gestation..
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I just want to say that I always go by the latest possible date since my first. I had all kinds of issues One week from my last LMP! I was a mess!!! With DS, they never even date with the US.

I have new doc now and they tried to say the baby was measuring earlier I think my babies are just bigger for some reason. Sorry for dragging on, but what is everyone elses experience with this? Which date is usually more accurate?? Looking forward to hearing from everyone, Michelle. Posted Wednesday 04 July Pregnancy week by week How to conceive a girl Baby shower games Pregnancy symptoms.

Methods for Estimating the Due Date

The sonographer was surprised by his size though and asked if i was sure i was 20 weeks I'm going with the 20th anyway but it will be interesting to see what is right. Anyways good luck with this one, not long to go now!! Jellybabie New Zealand Total posts: I had a 20 week scan and baby was measuring at weeks but the left my due date the same. The lady doing the scan said that bubba was just small and showed me a graph which had the normal range for 20 weeks and bubba fell into it.

Babies grow at different rates in the womb just like they do on the outside. Posted Thursday 05 July Becboo, That is strange that you have a date in September and a date a month later in October!!? So why have you decided to go with the 20th? Because it is somewhere in the middle? I know that when it comes down to it it really isn't going to make much of a difference but I have a feeling I have been told that your 13 week ultrasound can be more accurate.

I guess we all know when our LMP was but ovulatation can vary throughout the month. Hi, I would use the due date given by the 12 weeks scan. The date of your last menstrual period does only asumes when you ovulated- the scan gives a better idea of gestation as babies grow fairly uniformally during the first 12 weeks- this is why dating scans are offered at this time. This is the most accurate time to get a due date. After 12 weeks all babies can grow at different rates- so the date given then can be unreliable my bubs always measure about 2 weeks bigger than dates after about 20weeks.

how accurate is a dating scan?

Hope this info helps. Thanks Dee, I agree with what you are saying, I have just always taken the later date as my due date and then in both cases when I went around the earlier date, I didn't feel like I was a week overdue!! Sort of reverse psychology! But one was ultrasound date and the other was LMP date.

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  • Do you remember whether your dates were different and which one turned out to be more accurate? Hi Michelle, My dates were always fairly similar as I have a 28 day cycle- and ovulation does usually occur for me right bang on 14days before next period.