Dating a girl with many male friends

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Aug 9, 3. JediMasterNinks , Aug 9, Aug 9, 4. FeminineOdor , Aug 9, Aug 9, 5. Aug 9, 6. What about a woman that's bisexual. Aug 9, 7. Aug 9, 8. Aug 9, Honestly, I'd tend to agree. There are exceptions, but I'd say this is mostly true. I'm too lazy to type out examples I've seen over the years of guys dating girls with a bunch of male friends. Men , Aug 9, YourLocalRabbi , Aug 9, I endorse this thread, totally true Tapatalkin'. I think most men don't keep female friends unless they want to fuck them and that's where the problem lies.

The only time I had a plethora of female friends is when I was with my gf and we were friends with other couples.

FACT: You should never date a female who's friends with a lot of males

ThereIsNoSpork , Aug 9, Omnomnom26 and alurch like this. Last edited by mrwelchman , Aug 9, His male friends try to tell him what women like in bed, but what do they know? If you can get over the weirdness of other women telling your boyfriend about erogenous zones, then you can just enjoy the benefits. Your boyfriend has seen his female friends go through breakups and bad relationships. After seeing his close friends suffer like that, he knows to never do those types of things to somebody he dates.

Rest assured that when you get into a fight with your boyfriend, he has a team of women counseling through how to handle this. Women love brunch and mimosas! The statistics are out there people.

The Woman With Many Male Friends - AskMen

That means he has become more fluent in the language of emotions, and can probably communicate them to you pretty well. I have a lot of guy friends and have never had ANY of them cross a line. But, I also don't flirt with my friends. So I would say it depends on the girl and how she acts with them. You can't just make a blanket statement about a whole gender. That pretty lame and re re.

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And as a side note- I would never date a "man" who had a issue with my guy friends, it just shows how insecure and beta he was. I don't need that kind of drama. Just like I don't have an issue with a bf having female friends provided the girl doesn't flirt and respects boundaries. A secure person doesn't need validation to know their worth. Originally Posted by KillerInstinct.

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I hope your right dude because some of those guy friends have been around her since high school I was in the military. I met a lot of these type of females.

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They would get jealous of females at parties that they didn't even meet because they would take away attention from them. And when they are the only female hanging out with a group of guys at their house on a friday night drunk, the nastiness begins. Trains, truth or dare, etc. You have to define what does she mean by guy friends. If they are just dudes she knows and doesn't call and hang out with regularly then they are acquaintances. If they are guy friends that she regularly calls and hangs out with and are close and she doesn't hang out with females, red flag.

What It’s Like Dating A Guy Who Has A Lot Of Female Friends

Low self-esteem girl who needs constant validation. One guy will never be enough for her. Loyalty is number one in my book when it comes to a relationship.

When Boyfriends Get Jealous of Girlfriends' Guy Friends

Would you want her calling some other dudes to hang out if she feels like you're not giving her enough attention? LOL no thanks, there aint nothing but problems in the future. The key thing here is does she basically hate other women or does she have lots of friends who are both male and female. They offer consolation and solidarity and uplift, competing as they do in a marketplace.